Monilito Castro
About me

Hello. My name is Monilito Castro. I Am A Software Developer. Programming for me is both a job and hobby. If it weren't for sleep and family I would be programming 24/7. I also enjoy reading science fiction novels, especially about time-twisting and galaxy-spanning space operas. I enjoy going on walks.

So my philosophy for writing great software is this: The first step is being among great people. There's no one living that knows everything about software. The second step to writing great software is planning and, as a Software Developer, that requires being part of a great team. That's where I want to go.

Full Stack = [ Nodejs, C#, Java, ReactJS, vanilla Javascript ]

Mobile = [ Firebase, React Native for Android and iOS ]

About This Website
This website was built using vanilla Javascript, HTML and CSS deployed on a Heroku account. It implements an MVC architecture to manage routes, start animations, and to manipulate browser history.
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SurveyBlast: NodeJS, OAuth, Stripe, SendGrid
Membership site React/Node
Authenticated Spring Ecommerce
Authenticated Spring Ecommerce
  • Spring Security
  • Hibernate SQL Object-Relation Manager
  • Bootstrap Front End
  • Decoupled Design Patterns

This project can be found here.

Java Spring Framework is great for making scalable APIs. This Ecommerce project makes well thought out use of the Strategy Design Pattern. It uses the MVC methodology and each layer uses interfaces for prototypes. Each object is typed from those prototypes and instantiated by a Strategy of the prototype.

The user can sign up using Spring Security and they are guarded from CSRF attack by token reassignment upon registration.

Membership Website using React, Node, and JWT Tokens
  • Register, Sign in, Sign out
  • Uses ReactJS, Redux, Thunk, Router, Bootstrap, ReactDnD
  • Forms and workflows to register and authenticate members
  • Members can upload files to server

This project is comprised of two BitBucket repos. The Node JWT token server is found here. The React front end is found here.

We sometimes want to have a decoupled software architecture where the API is separate from the front end. This allows reuse of the API by other platforms such as mobile phones. By separating these into two pieces, we can store them into two separate repos. This can allow two separate team to extend the code base without fear of introducing breaking changes on the other.

SurveyBlast Membership Email Survey
  • Google Plus OAuth Account Creation and Sign In
  • Cloud based SMTP via SendGrid API
  • Stripe API for payments
  • React/Redux, Materialize CSS for front end

There is a live demo of this project on Heroku. Wait for Heroku to spin up the app. The green box has instructions. As you can probably tell I have an affinity for translating divs so that they saddle the billboard and main body of the page.

You can create an account or sign in using the link on the top right corner. It uses OAuth so you will be taken to Service Providers page to authenticate your credentials. After signing in, you can create a survey by going to the dash board. The dashboard link is located on the top left corner and is active only after you sign in. From the dashboard you can view previous surveys and send out new one. To send out surveys you must have credits. To get credits just click on Pay With Card. To add a survey just click on the large Plus button. Fill out the form. This is a live demo with a working SendGrid API key so the emails you provided will be given the survey.